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  • All horses & ponies must be 15 years of age at time of registration.
  • The Judges decision is final.
  • No horse & pony may enter the ring after the judging process has begun and the Steward has closed the ring.
  • Hats must be approved current BSI standard and chin straps fastened when worn at all times. If bowlers and top hats are worn for the evening performance then the riders must be covered by their own insurance.
  • No boots – including over reach boots are to be worn.
  • Only 15+ Horse & Pony Events members and 15+ registered horses can compete in the Championship Classes.
  • Complaints will only be investigated when submitted in writing and payment for £25 must be received within 30 minutes at the event.
  • In the event of any change of ownership or address the 15+ Horse & Pony Events office must be informed in writing.
  • 15+ Membership will run for twelve months from the date issued on your membership card.
  • All horses and ponies must have their passports with them when attending shows as you may be asked to produce them if requested.
  • Competitors must not enter a class where they have any involvement with the Judge in the preceding twelve months. This includes being related to the Judge or where the Judge has owned, ridden or trained the horse or pony in the preceding twelve months.
  • Horses & ponies that have suffered injuries in the past that have caused scarring will not be penalised.
  • All tack must be clean and in good order.
  • Market harborough's, running reins, martingales and brushing boots are not permitted.
  • ead rein handlers must be 15+ Horse & Pony Events members.
  • Riders & horses/ponies age starts from January 1st in the current year.
  • All Trophies must be signed for and a deposit of £25 before collection. Trophies must be returned by registered post, cleaned and engraved 1 month before the Championship Show Date

Horses & Ponies

  • Stallions/colts must not be led by any Juniors that have not attained their 14th birthday.
  • Stallions must be ridden by Juniors that have attained their 12th birthday.
  • Horses and ponies must be trimmed and shown as set down by their relevant breed societies.
  • Horses and ponies to be turned out approatiately with minimum bling and make up.
  • Any foals accompanying the mare in the ring must be wearing a head collar and to be led by an adult handler. No foals under 3 months.

Riders and Handlers

  • No facial jewellery or ear rings to be worn.
  • Only blunt spurs to be worn. Spurs are not permitted to be worn by riders 17 years & under.
  • Show canes/whips are not to exceed 30” (75cms).
  • Riders must have attained their 4th birthday on the day of the show unless stated otherwise.
  • In-hand handlers (mares & geldings only) must be a minimum age of 7 years old.
  • All riders/handlers to be clean and neatly turned out.
  • In-hand Junior handlers must wear hard hats with chin strap fastened.
  • Riders & Handlers to be turned out aproatiately with minimum bling and make up.
  • Riders & Handlers to be turned out approatiately with minimum bling and make up.

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