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The classes on offer at shows cover a variety of mixed age and height ranging from M & M, Show Pony to Cobs and Riding horses (see list below).
The 1st 3 winners of each 15+ qualifying class will receive a 15+ qualification card (providing their equine is aged 15 yrs & over) to attend the National Supreme Championship within the Equifest Show, Peterborough Arena, on Sunday August 21st 2016
As show dates are confirmed they will be put onto the website and sent to all 15+ members.

In-Hand & Ridden classes

Mountain & Moorland
Part bred Mountain & Moorland
Riding Horse
All Colours incl spotted, dun, roan,
Hunter Pony
Show Pony
Sports Horses & Ponies
Arab/Anglo/Part Bred
Style & Performance
1st Ridden & Lead Rein

Style & Performance Class

These classes have been introduced as there are many horses & ponies not able to compete in any of the above classes.

In-hand – Class to be judged as standard.

Ridden – Horses will not be required to jump.
               The class to be judged 50% on turnout & condition of the horse & rider, and 50% on the freestyle      
               show not exceeding 2 minutes.

‘C  O  U  N  T  Y’    C  L  A  S  S  E  S

The introduction of ‘County’ classes was to offer competitors an extra opportunity to compete in 15+ qualifying classes with an added bonus of winning a ‘County’ In-hand & Ridden Champion & Reserve Champion title, with lovely rosettes & sashes. To compete in the ‘County’ Championship Class you must first win your 15+ qualifying class at the show.
Each year more shows are taking up the option of offering these classes so check the ‘County’ listing for your nearest competition & date.

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